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August 14, 2017
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August 14, 2017

Rochester Ginger

Rochester Ginger is the original and one of the leading non alcoholic ginger drinks in the United Kingdom. The recipe dates back to the 1870s during Dickensian times near the historic town of Rochester, in Kent, south east of England. Originally made by the Great Grandmother of the current artisan master blender, the secret recipe has been handed down over three generations.

Today, Rochester Ginger is enjoyed by many discerning drinkers of ginger throughout the world, people who appreciate how they used to make ginger using LOTS of REAL fresh ginger root – without the need for alcohol. For many Rochester Ginger takes them back to the times their parents used to make ginger (often exploding under the house during the middle of the night) and have never tasted anything remotely similar since … until now!

Our purpose is to source and supply real non alcoholic drinks for adults that not only taste amazing, but are good for you too. We hope you enjoy our range of traditional non alcoholic.